Outdoor Advertising Systems

With TMG’s Outdoor Advertising System your business can reach the working population at their place of employment. Carlos Mendez, Director of Non-Traditional Media, has many years of experience helping businesses reach their target audience.

Cut through the clutter of traditional media outlets by reaching consumers on the street at the destination. The numbers don’t lie! Per Vehicle Point of Sale Impressions = 10,000 per month. Reach an average of 500 customers per day x 20 days = 10,000 per month. In addition to reaching your customers at the point-of-sale, important advertising impressions are developed from traffic and pedestrians during drive time between stops with an average daily effective circulation (D.E.C.) of 3,500 – 8,100 per truck (depending on the market).

Is your business ready to drive home traffic to your business? Contact Carlos Mendez today to start getting customers “rolling into your business.”